American Ginseng: Panax Quinquefolium

Panax is Latin for "cure it all."

In Chinese, Ginseng means "man-root" or "man essence." It is so named because the root often grows in the shape of a man and its medicinal qualities are believed to benefit the whole man. This intriguing herb is thought to be one of the most valuable in the world.

Ginseng root is classified medicinally as an "adaptogen" (a substance that helps the body to restore itself to normal function) that acts by increasing all-around resistance to stress and strengthens the body's defence mechanisms.


It is not the purpose of ginseng to replace the professional services of your physician. By all means see a medical doctor for any condition which requires his/her services. Ginseng should be considered an aid to medical treatment, not a replacement.


This and the following information is based on research by the author. It is a compilation of facts as he found them and the information should in no way be considered a prescription for any ailment of any reader. The prescription of any medication should be made only by a duly licensed physician.